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CLM Mining Pool

We currently have a mining pool set up that can be accessed by going to If using MVIS Tokenminer or similar, please remember to change your settings to use a pool (such as removing your private key from the config file). Any questions then ask away.

Setting Up On Infura

How to set up a project for solo mining on Infura to solo mine the Caleum token. Open up the Infura website.Click on the ‘Sign-Up’ button (top right).When asked, enter your name, email address and password.Verify your email address.Log in.Click on ‘Create New Project’.Enter a project name of your choice.You will then be presented with your new project, api keys …

How To Solo Mine CLM

Instructions for MVIS-Token-Miner Download the miner and extract everything to your folder.Go to Infura and set up a new project (you may need to register).Once your project is set up, use the copy to clipboard icon next to ENDPOINT.Open up tokenminer.iniScroll down to ;Host= and paste the copied link.Remove the /v3 from the link you’ve just pasted.Change MinerAcct= to your …

CLM Voting – How Does It Work?

Every 90 days, the developer can choose to have a vote. Voting will range from anything between accepting a new ERC20 token as masternode collateral, to adding new team members. With security in mind, there are a few limitations set to the voting mechanism. This is due to a lot of mistrust in remote contracts. These limitations have been built …

On The Horizon

The Caelum Project is very much a work in progress. We’ve launched the coin whilst still having lots of things to do. “Why?” I hear you ask. The project is too good not to share and not to get people involved. Lead by the enigmatic Skippy Brussels (who some of you may know from his previous projects), we stick by our main principal which is to create THE standard that will replace the current ICO models whilst rewarding our users over time.

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Mining Pool
CLM Statistics

Some CLM Numbers

2 %
premine for future use
CLM to become a masternode
day voting cycles
day cooldown period @ 5%