How To Solo Mine CLM

Instructions for MVIS-Token-Miner

Download the miner and extract everything to your folder.
Go to Infura and set up a new project (you may need to register).
Once your project is set up, use the copy to clipboard icon next to ENDPOINT.
Open up tokenminer.ini
Scroll down to ;Host= and paste the copied link.
Remove the /v3 from the link you’ve just pasted.
Change MinerAcct= to your ETHEREUM address.
Change AcctPK= to your ETHEREUM private key.
Change TokenContract= to 0xa38fcedd23de2191dc27f9a0240ac170be0a14fe.
Change GasPrice= to 7.
Save the ini file.
Create a batch file with the following lines:

.\tokenminer.exe -S -G –opencl-platform X –opencl-devices Y

(x= your opencl-platform, y= your device number. Run list-devices.bat to get this information if you don’t already know it)

Save your batch file and run. You should now see MVIS mining your CLM tokens for you.

NB: You will need some ether in the address that is used in MinerAcct= section to be used as gas.

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