Setting Up On Infura

How to set up a project for solo mining on Infura to solo mine the Caleum token.

Open up the Infura website.
Click on the ‘Sign-Up’ button (top right).
When asked, enter your name, email address and password.
Verify your email address.
Log in.
Click on ‘Create New Project’.
Enter a project name of your choice.
You will then be presented with your new project, api keys and url.
EnterĀ  0xa38fcedd23de2191dc27f9a0240ac170be0a14fe into the contract address then click add.
Underneath where it says ‘Mainnet’, there is a copy to clipboard icon. This is the URL you need for your host.
Paste this into your relevant .ini file.
Run miner.

NB: If you find that the miner is unable to connect to your URL, remove the /v3 from it. This should then connect.

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